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About This Blog

I created this blog when I am doing my bridal planning... or rather I started this blog while I was halfway through with my bridal planning. So you may find that some posts & the date posted are days or even weeks apart.

I never was a blogger nor am I familiar on how a blog should work. I just want a blog to capture memories of how my life took a turn for the better & also at the same time to help other brides-to-be to have an idea how they can plan their own wedding.

Of course, when my wedding is over, I will also use this blog as a platform to capture our memories together as a married couple on our new home, our kids & our quarrels! (hahaha)

This blog is strictly for information & sharing purposes based on my experiences & any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

I hope you find my blog informative & hope it will aid in your own DREAM wedding planning!! Do also comment if this blog needs more improvement!!

Sunday, 4 August 2013


Sorry that I had not been updating on my wedding preparations.... I was busy sourcing for the Justice of Peace aka Solemnizer for our ROM since as early as February this year. Having search through the forums, I decided to email Prof Yu Shi Ming to ask if he could be our JP for our big day.

Friday, 29 March 2013


Finally!! Some updates regarding my pre-wedding shoot.... After my last trip on my gown selections, I had my shoot on the 23-24th March 2013. We stayed over the night before at a nearby hotel for RM$55 per night as our shoot is over a 2 day period. We reached the BS at about 10am & started the make-up by the MUA, Cherry. So while I am having my make-up done, my HTB was busy with the photographer assistant on his accompanying suits.

Sunday, 3 February 2013


Really sorry for getting this post up so late. As mentioned in my Part I of my AD Gown sourcing, I went to J&L SG Bridal. I tried on their gowns & their price is very very reasonable or maybe "cheap" is the word based on their package. I supposed that in terms of pricing I can't get it anywhere in SG already so that time more or less I kinda confirmed to go with them & Landy's service is indeed very good...